"it didn't work." 

  written & directed by: chadia 


FROM THE TEAM OF “NIGGAS IN PONTRÉAL1” (FringeMTL 2022) - Meet Mana. Join the cast's & writer’s healing journey through this process in the aftermath of Mana’s failed attempt. it didnt work, so what now?

Heart wrenching, ADHD friendly, and full of care, it didn’t work is a new black comedy written & directed by chadia (they/them) exploring mental health and healing.



June 9th • 19:30 / 10th • 17:45 / 13th • 19:15 / 16th • 23:00 / 17th • 15:30 / 18th • 20:45 


V4: Salle Jean-Claude-Germain du Centre du Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui


CW//: mental health, suicide, drug use, coarse language

If you're struggling please reach out to Talk Suicide Canada.

1-833-456-4566 (anytime) or Text 45645 4PM-12AM ET

looking for a black therapist? blackhealingfund.com/therapists-and-healers 

You matter, deserve to be heard, and be cared for. 

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Salle Jean-Claude-Germain 

du Centre du Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui 


3900 Rue. Saint -Denis

 Montreal, Quebec 

H2W 2M2 

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BLACK Folks - $3.50 (buy now)

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beyonce  🦄 (HER)

chadia 🐘 (they/them)

martha nduwayo 💫 (she/her)

rachel mcnamara 🦙 (she/her)

jasmine case (she/her)

meet. dah. cast.

Star (they/them) as MANA

Star is a multi-disciplinary artist Kenyan-Congolese artist, based in so-called "Canada". In her art, she likes to focus on home, the body, and the journey toward freedom. Her work has allowed her to be featured in art exhibitions with art collectives like underdog mtl, and be published in multiple news publications and magazines, such as the Montreal Guardian and THIS Magazine. She is currently concentrating her efforts on pursuing an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. @myvelvettheart

Seeara (they/she) as RENEIGH

i’m seeara (they!she!?)

i’m a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Tiohti:áke. i was born in Tkaronto and grew up on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island. i am passionate about conjuring stories that transform both myself and an audience. i am interested in bold, provocative and joyful theatre that is community oriented, rooted in love, mutual aid and challenges the individualistic colonial ways of living.

i’m a black/brown genderqueer lesbian. a poet. a tarot reader. a leo sun and pisces moon. a lover of loveeeeee. @seearalindsay

Shannon (they/them, she) as TEMPLES

Shannon (they, them, she)

Is a Jamaican who grew up in Montreal and loves learning about all possible aspects of culture, art, and food.

Since they were a teenager they have written plays, poetry, and spoken word which has led them to be part of multiple residencies. They are looking forward to being on a stage again for the first time in 14 years and working in the arts after a 6 year hiatus.

They are currently challenging themselves to try something new every season and they are excited to be a part of this play@godrinkwata

Krystel (she/her) as MJ

Hii Pretty Baddiez!

My name is Krystel ( she\her)
I’m an Haitian doll & a multidisciplinary artist. I was born in Haiti & raised in Montreal. I’m also a domestic violence Survivor!!!!! I work with kids as a Part time Teacher! I’m currently in a Self discovery of my culture as a Black queen queer doll hihi. I have a big interest in Horror movie & Psychological Character Developpement! I’m an upcoming actress & model ! I Call myself a lovely Weirdo , Hotzi Doll. I’m an Angel of Love & Probabably your favorite hypemanSugarDad! I’m an aquarius sun & scorpio moon sooo I am very intense did I say INTENSE! & Always Unconventional! Unconventional is the Only. Way. For Me. Is she from the Space? Yeah! @miss_kdesir


chadia (they/them)






chadia is a Burundian, queer, agender creator. 

🦙 Rachel McNamara (she/her) 💛 CO-PRODUCER / Marketing & Social Media

hi from Tkaronto! I'm an artist & arts manager originally from the Ottawa-Gatineau region and a mish-mash of random skills & facts that are sometimes useful when I perform, create, devise, mess around with lights, installations, costume design, directing, and managing projects & exhibits.


My role in Dissruptiv Theatre & with the show stems from my friendship and love for chadia. As a white settler and decendant of colonizers, I'm still figuring my shit out and conscious of my involvement in this company. I support chadia's projects financially and through admin work, and other ways as needed throughout the process. 

I'm a York University's Theatre & Performance Studies M.A. grad, which complements my B.A. (Hons) in Drama and double major in Arts Administration from Bishop's University.

I'm recovering from chronic migraine - I like alpacas, ice cream, canoeing, and helping people make art that's full of care <3 

Photos 1 by the amazing @SeearaLindsay

Jasmine Case (she/her) Choreographer / Fight Coordinator

Jasmine Case is a Caribbean-Canadian creator and actor who was born and raised in Toronto Ontario. She loves theatre and has been immersed in it since she was a little girl. She is always the first to volunteer and has just loved performing since she can remember. Jasmine’s first theatre memory was seeing The Lion King as a little girl. It was while watching this show lead by Black actors that Jasmine knew she would love to pursue theatre with a fierce passion. From that point on, Jasmine's dream has been to connect with people through her acting, in the same way The Lion King connected with her.

Jasmine is a recent graduate from The National Theatre School of Canada and Brock University and the Dramatic Arts Program with a concentration in performance. Where she worked Jessica B. Hill, Jackie Maxwell, Jessica Carmichael, Marcel Stewart and Karen Lisa Cox, among many others. While attending Brock, Jasmine had the opportunity to participate in a course at the Shaw Festival, where she worked with Barbara Worthy and chatted with a number of artists including the Associate Artistic Director Kimberely Rampersad and Artistic Director Tim Caroll.

She is intrigued by roles that challenge her, as well as roles in which she can grow as an artist and as a human. She is excited by the world of theatre, specifically collaborative rooms where all voices are heard and all opinions are respected and valued :)


special thanks.